Founding and subsequent History / Israel for the | bridge between Sion

Learning page & lt of world history A; br & gt; & lt; br & gt; The history of 000 years Founding and subsequent History Nazi many of the Jews who survived the Jewish persecution of thought and [there is only with their own country, now aims to the land of Palestine. Then, in Palestine was the United Kingdom under the control of those days, Jews and Arabs of the dispute has been intensified. In order to cope with such a situation, the Jewish nation in Palestine at the United Nations, the Arab nation, the Proposed Separation divided into One of the United Nations related management district was adopted in the year. Its decision, but the Jewish side, it was accepted, the Arab side has refused. The next date, after the mandate period by the United Kingdom is the end, the Declaration of Independence by the first Prime Minister Ben-Gurion will take place in Tel Aviv. But the next day, around the Arab countries will not admit this, we started the armed attack. Is surrounded by Arab, to a small army of Israel had been all there does not appear to be a win, Israel in this war is won.

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