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Learning page & lt of world history A; br & gt; & lt; br & gt; Meeting to think about summer vacation peace The history of - Islamic, culture, learn in parent and child about religion - But this time the world situation is worrisome. Welcomes Hirose, who has been work 0 years in the Middle East, the Middle East of charm, to ask you history, religion, etc., deepen the understanding of the region, we have gathered to pray for peace in everyone. Impressions of elementary school students Hirose's Arabic was surprised good at. Arabic is also a good wanted to try I also do. The oldest of the character world thought I wish that somehow similar to the origins of Chinese characters. I was studying I was also talk a little difficult. Map was Wakariyasuka' is written large Thoughts of men Although it is to hear the story of the scholar, the Middle East culture and religion from the perspective of consumers today, it was good to let me hear the business. The Middle East that after returning home were examined in the net. Impressions of the member Still incessant Middle East war now.

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